Penned and Painted Black and Suede + Trimmer Maintenance Video

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Penned and Painted Black and Suede + Trimmer Maintenance Video

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Penned and Painted Black and Suede + Trimmer Maintenance Video

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’ve got an unusual post for you today, not only do I have a card as is usual on a Tuesday, but I have an extra video for you too! It’s not a tutorial though, but it came as an off the cuff decision when I was filming a few weeks ago.

But first, my card. I love the monochrome look of blank on white, but wondered what black on another neutral would look like. I have to say, I think quite striking.

The Penned and Painted stamp set is a great ‘open’ flower that lends itself really well to this kind of card. I didn’t put the secondary stamp in (it’s a 2 step stamp set), but kept to just the outline stamps of the 2 flowers.

Simple and easy and stylish. And then with the greeting from the Blooms & Wishes stamp set, and some matching black twine, it’s a finished card in minutes.


And look at all those layers. Lots of trimmer work here, so it leads me neatly onto my trimmer tips and maintenance video for you.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Penned and Painted Black and Suede + Trimmer Maintenance Video Side

I love our trimmer. It’s my most used tool that I own and I work it a lot. A lot a lot! I must make thousands of cuts each month, certainly well in the realms of hundreds just on my thank you cards alone, and then doubled across the gifts and other projects each month. And that means that I know my trimmer very well.

We europeans are very fortunate with ours, it’s both metric and imperial across the top and bottom and then metric on the vertical panel. Perfect because we are a mixed breed of some who prefer imperial, some who prefer metric and some like me who work in whatever they fancy that day!

But my video focuses on the maintenance of the trimmer tracks too as well as how to get as much life from your blade as possible by cutting in both directions.

So I hope this extra video goes down well, and that you have a great Tuesday wherever you are!

S xx

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  1. How do you keep your cut edge from folding/curling under? That’s my major complaint. Also, I must have pushed too hard when I first got my trimmer and the plastic track is all gummed up with plastic (I think, from the blade housings.) Any suggestions on how to remedy that? I keep waiting for SU to sell replacement plastic tracks. We know they pop out because you have to do that to use the rotary blades that we used to carry.

    I like the cleaning the track with cardstock idea! I use a paper piercer but that risks scoring the rubber.

    Thanks Sam!

  2. Christine Reid says:

    Love the video, very helpful. Thank you!! I do a sweep clean over the whole thing with a baby wipe every now and again and it keeps it clean and smooth.

  3. Sam – thanks for the video. I know it is all relative, and you would cut far more than me, but do you need to replace the blades often? That is my big bug-bear with these sorts of trimmers (dont have a SU one – yet!) and it costs a fortune to continually replace the blades. Thanks…

  4. Sheila Skelton says:

    Hi Sam, I have never been soooooo! happy since I have been using the trimmer I bought from stampin up. It is precise, very sturdy, and great for transportation for my demos and very easy to use. Thank you for sharing your great ideas
    Sheila c

  5. Why do my rubber stamps sometimes not stick to my block

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