Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #14 Chocolate Mice 6 x 6 Treat Bag

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #14 Chocolate Mice 6 x 6 Treat Bag

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #14 Chocolate Mice 6 x 6 Treat Bag both

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Oh how cute is this little bag? Ever since I was a little girl, we’ve always had sugared mice at Christmas. Usually white ones with tiny black icing eyes and noses and a long string tail.

I haven’t been able to find them yet, but I also knew that I wanted to show you something that you could make to gift away to a friend or sell at a craft fayre, and unwrapped foodstuffs are a big no no for health and hygiene reasons. So off I went to Amazon and found these lovely chocolate wrapped mice. Definitely the better option!!

On that note, I want to put in a couple of words about Amazon and why I don’t share links to the products I buy from them to use in my projects. I’m not affiliated to them in any way, so that’s not an issue, but I do enjoy trailing across their site! I also shop only from which services just the UK, so even if I was to provide links, only half of you would benefit and it would frustrate the rest! I don’t share links for another reason. Partly because I’ve done a lot of research to find the goodies I use and that’s time I’ve invested in my business for your benefit, but while I don’t mind doing the leg work for a project, I don’t want to do it all….. but also, and this is a bit more crucial, when I’m hunting for one idea, I can often inadvertently find other things that would be great inside a tutorial or project. So, if I’m not sharing a link to a set of lights or chocolates, its for a few reasons – you may not be able to get it in your country, some things you have to find yourselves, you never know what else you may find along the way….! So I hope that gives you a reason why I don’t share them.

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #14 Chocolate Mice 6 x 6 Treat Bag

But back to these adorable mouse bags which look nothing at all like mice on the outside and definitely could therefore hold all sorts of festive goodies!

Mini candy canes perhaps. Chocolate coins. Jewellery…. Money. Oooo that’s an idea! you could roll up a monetary bill or two and pop it inside! Ha, the lightning flash of an idea whilst typing up your blog post! A cheque for a child who’s at ‘that age’ where it’s nigh on impossible to know what on earth they want for Christmas because they actually haven’t got a clue *stares at 13 year old son*

So super dooper easy to make, using a piece of 6 x 6 (15 x 15cm) paper and a handful of score lines. After that, it’s all about the decoration.

Have a fantastic weekend!

S xx

Paper – 6 x 6″ (15 x 15cm)

Score on the FIRST side at 1.5, 4.5″ (4, 11cm)

Score on the SECOND side at 2.5, 3.5″ (6, 9cm)

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  1. Lovely bag!!!

  2. Now that is a fast making and lovely bag. Going to try it out at coffeetime. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Always love the little treat bags, tfs!

  4. Robbye Hamilton says:

    Super cute treat bag Sam. A quick question though, why mice? I know that there is usually a story behind traditions like for example leaving a snack, usually milk & cookies, for Santa.

  5. Linda Phillips says:

    Just wanted to send a thank you. You saved my patootie this morning as I have a workshop in tomorrow morning and I didn’t yet have a treat for my participants. You saved the day. I got them all done lickety split and they look so cute on my work table. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

  6. What a quick and easy little treat bag! I love it!
    When I was a kid, we always got a walnut in the shell in the toe of our Christmas stocking. To this day, my brother, who is in his 60s has to have one in his stocking. My Mom was the one that always did it, but for the past several years I have made sure he gets his walnut. He ALWAYS looks for it. Some traditions never die. Fun memories. Thanks!

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