Pootlers’ Design Team Glamper Greetings Week 3

Pootlers’ Design Team Glamper Greetings Week 3

Pootler's Design Team

Pootlers Design Team Glamper Greetings


Oh you are in for a treat this week! I am loving how clever the design team have been with this whole stamp set. It’s one that I have really wanted to use, but have really struggled with how to use…. This is one of the main reasons why I sent the stamp set to the team! To pick their creative brains! And they’re brains are very creative! Check out their designs this week!

Pootlers Design Team Pinterest Page HERE

Hannah McCurley

Melissa Hatten Gibson

Deborah Toner

Ann Melvin

Lynn Ellis

Hannah Week 3

Melissa Week 3

Deborah Week 3

Ann Week 3

Lynn Week 3


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  1. Anne Lumsden says:

    They are indeed a very talented group. Love the Pinterest page.

  2. Adorable examples!!

  3. Brilliant! Well done all.

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