Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #20 Project Life Tips And Ideas Hello December

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #20 Project Life Tips And Ideas Hello December

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #20 Project Life Tips And Ideas Hello December

From when Stampin’ Up! first collaborated with Becky Higgins and her Project Life range, I’ve wanted to get into it. I’m not a scrapbooker at all. I am a child of the 70s when creating a scrapbook consisted of putting your sticky ice lolly wrapper in a huge paper book. I think we quite literally made books of scrap. I remember one holiday from Lyme Regis where I stuck in ripped sticky sweet wrappers and cinema tickets….

But with that in mind, I did want to somehow get my photos out of my phone and into an album of some sort and Project Life seemed to be the answer.

Except it wasn’t. I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. The theory of ‘fast memory keeping’ clearly passed me by.

There is a phrase that applies here – all the gear, no idea….

I had the albums, I had the card collections and accessory packs. But it just seemed such an overwhelming task to even get started.

I’ve made a few albums now, the first made me almost cry with frustration. I’d printed out my photos first and then tried to make them fit the album and then fit the cards and accessories round it.

I felt I ‘ought’ to be embellishing the photos to within an inch of their lives, and that I ‘ought’ to be journalling. For me, even though my photos are all digital and I can print as many as a I like, there’s some psychological barrier that stops me from putting anything on the actual photo!

Countless videos got watched and I pinned more images on pinterest than any other crafting category I look at!

But I still wasn’t happy. It felt like such a chore to get everything out and I just kept putting it off.

Now please know, I love a beautiful scrapbook (one of my team does the most spectacular full size pages) and I love project life albums. But I just couldn’t get going and it was frustrating me.

So I decided to go backwards….

Make the album first then add the photos afterwards!

Tra La!


I made an album from our summer holidays and I love it!

Where before I’d been trying to make the PL card match the photo, this time I made the whole album up with one collection and then added the photos afterwards.  There was a little jiggling about if the phrased card didn’t match the photo, but my goodness, it was so much easier. But so much more fun!

So I’ve done the same again with my Hello December album!

It took about an hour to fill it with the cards and accessories, and as and when I take photos and find time during December, I will print them off and pop them in. I’m sure there will be a bit more shuffling about, but the essence of it is done. I don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting together the album, nor do I feel guilty that I have photos on my phone that probably I will only ever see….

So please enjoy my video, it shows you more about what I did and why I now do Project Life backwards.

Perhaps it will help someone else who wants to get started and doesn’t know how to….

S xx


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  1. Hi Sam
    Have you moved house yet?
    Will you all be together for Christmas?
    We have just moved and will be stripping wallpaper over Christmas…Oh the joys!!

  2. Doreen Collins says:

    thanks for showing this Sam. I have always fancied having a go with scrapbooking but so far felt overwhelmed by it and where to start. this project life looks like fun…

  3. I have a similar album like this, though much bigger, and had the same issues as you. I will try filling it all first, then add pictures later. I have had it for years!!! Thank you!

  4. What a fantastic way to do this. Thank you. I am so with you with the problem of loving the idea but have problems with the implementation. I am off to do it this way.
    Love your work and your approach to crafting.

  5. Thank you Sam for Project Life backwards. The lightbulb went off when I started watching your video. I have the same issues as you when it comes to scrapbooking & I believe this will solve most of them.
    Love your accent,

  6. Wonderful way to solve your problem of feeling overwhelmed. I’ve never gotten into it just for that reason, as soon as I’m stuck to certain sizes or shapes, I freeze up. Can’t tell you how many layouts I’ve made in a class or whatever and they never get pictures put on them. I need to start with the pictures and go from there and not be “boxed” in. thanks for this video, great idea, love that you can take out and put in and rearrange.

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