British Craft Awards – I’ve been nominated!

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – British Craft Awards – I’ve been nominated!

British Craft Awards

So as some of you know, back in October, I found out that I’d been shortlisted and nominated for a British Craft Award for this year, more specifically, Papercraft Blog of the Year!

I was absolutely stunned to find out I nominated and gobsmacked when I saw that I was the only personal blog in there, the rest are all brand blogs! These awards are like the Oscars of the British crafting world, so that’s just how stunned I am!

Every day I get surprised at things within my working life and this is probably the biggest surprise of the year!

The awards are handed out based on voting, and this vote closes in just a couple of days on Tuesday 20th of December, so I’m calling in favours and asking if you would put in a vote for me please.

I’m very happy that you can vote from outside the UK as I know that many of you who read my blog are overseas and I do believe that your votes count, and clearly so does the BCA committee!

So in humble gratitude for your continued reading of my blog and the support of me, you can vote HERE and you simply click Papercraft

Sam xx


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  1. Dianne Massie says:

    Congratulations! Just voted from Texas.

  2. Carole Eng says:

    Congratulations, just voted from NY but I’m a Welsh lass!!

  3. Done and dusted !!! Good luck, you deserve it for all your hard work x

  4. Ellen Weitzenhofer says:

    Voted!!! Good luck! You are amazing!

  5. Woohoo ! Congratulations ! I’m sure you’ll be awarded !

  6. Marina from Florida says:

    Congratulations!!! Just voted, hope you win!!!!

  7. Good Luck – just voted for you in Kent. You deserve to be a winner!

  8. Brenda Just says:

    Done and dusted Sam, congratulations and well done on being nominated, wishing you good luck from down under in Australia ❤Brenda Just xx

  9. Did it months ago as I love your mails…a winner.

  10. Jennifer Neumann says:

    I voted! Love your blog. Have made so many of the things you’ve demonstrated. Love the way you get right to the point of making things but add enough personality to make them a joy to watch.

  11. Isabelle Nuenninghoff says:


  12. Just voted from Michigan. Congratulations you deserve the recognition!

  13. Kathy (cards_by_kp) says:

    Congratulations! Your creativity is awesome! Hope you win!

  14. Judith Dee says:

    Just voted for my favourite, your blog is my daily craft fix! Congratulations on being nominated.

  15. Congratulations you deserve you have been a great inspiration vote is in x

  16. Congratulations just voted you deserve it from a new member

  17. Pam Kerschner says:

    Congratulations, Sam! I voted from South Carolina. Hope you win!

  18. Just voted! Congratulations on the nomination….my fingers are crossed that you will win!

  19. Twila Franklin says:

    I saw your post this morning. Thank you for all you do and share. I voted for you just now. Congratulations on your nomination and I hope you win it all!! Twila

  20. Voted & keeping my fingers crossed in NH USA

  21. Ramona Fingersh says:

    Hey Sam you truly deserve to be nominated for this award. I am always looking for new boxes and ways to make my friends, family and even myself go wow i did that. I always give you credit for the wow factor. I am an Architect and crafty person. I love having another spacial crafty person to get ideas from.

  22. Karyn Ahern says:

    Congratulations Sam !! I voted from Connecticut. You are my inspiration.

  23. I’m so not surprised! I’m honoured to think that you’re my demonstrator!

  24. Done and dusted, Sam. Fingers crossed for you!

  25. Gail orsted says:

    Just voted. Lives in Illinois , but a true blue Sheffielder. Good luck Sam

  26. Congratulations Sam
    I’ve just voted again for you. You deserve it x

  27. Clear and concise tutorials make it easy for me to duplicate your products and ideas. Thanks. I voted from Illinois.

  28. Done and you so deserve this award too! 🙂

  29. Good luck from Holland

  30. Done! Love your blog- thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!

  31. Congratulations. Voted from Ayrshire, Scotland. Love your blog so many interesting things and best of all your tutorials

  32. Wow, what an honor….If anyone deserves it, you definitely do….good luck

  33. Bravo ! J’ai voté de France

  34. Done x

  35. Well deserved award. Congratulations!!!!!

  36. Hélène Simon says:

    C’est fait de la belle ville de Québec au Canada. Bonne chance!

  37. Hi Sam, Congratulations on this nomination, you deserve it and you deserve to WIN it, you are such an inspiration for me with your genius creativity on a daily basis and your precious heart that comes out in your wonderful blog posts! Best of luck, you are an extraordinary paper crafter and stamper!!! Voted from Colorado!

  38. I just voted here in Michigan, good luck and hope you win.

  39. Congratulations Sam. I can’t think of another blogger more deserving of this title. I only follow a few blogs, yours is top on that list. Your creativity blows me away. I voted and I wish you the best of Luck. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  40. Just voted from California! Good luck, Sam! You are very deserving of the award! You’ve motivated me in so many ways! ❤

  41. So happy to get a chance to vote for you! I love your inspiration!!!! I send many people to your blog and often feature your work on mine in the US.

  42. Sam, how thrilling this must be for you, this nomination is totally deserved, you are an amazing artist, crafter and one of the sweetest persons in this industry.
    I just came from the survey and totally voted for you, my dear girl.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and your creativity with us in such a fabulous way every single day.
    Big hugs, from Crown Point, Indiana. USA. 🙂

  43. Just voted for you – you so deserve it! Good luck!

  44. Just voted from Western New York, USA. You deserve any and all recognition for your generous spirit of sharing and teaching! I don’t comment on your posts very often, but I visit every day before I go to my teaching job. Thank you for your fun and positive approach to crafting and life.

  45. Good Luck Sam! Just voted from Connecticut.

  46. Kathy Thomas says:

    Just voted from Indiana, USA. So exciting and you deserve the award. Fingers crossed!

  47. Just Voted for you and i don’t know why you are surprised to be nominated i LOVE your blog and look forward to your emails every day. Good luck x

  48. Elinor Roberts says:

    Just voted good luck Sam!

  49. Oh and sorry forgot to wish you A Merry Christmas and a Happy Year x

  50. Just voted – good luck Sam!

  51. You deserve to winner. Great Blog. I voted for you. Thanks Sam for inspiration across the pond.

  52. Absolutely! You totally deserve to be nominated and to win Sam. Best of luck to you. x

  53. Sheila Howard says:

    Congrats, Sam!! I love watching your videos, you got me hooked on making boxes!! You are an inspiration!!

  54. Edith Heyns says:

    Voted from beautiful New Zealand. Well done Sam. You work very hard and you deserve every accolade which comes your way. God bless you and yours this festive season. Love, Edith

  55. U sooooo deserve it! Just voted from Ohio, US

  56. Wonderful,Sam you deserve the reward. You are always a winner. Merry Christmas from Idaho.

  57. Debbie Groot says:

    Hi Sam. Thats awesome. Congratulations. I have just voted for you from New Zealand

  58. I visit your blog every day Sam! Voted from BC Canada.

  59. Peggy Mitchell says:

    You already are the winner in the hearts of so very many of us. I do hope that you are awarded the public recognition that you so deserve.

  60. Just voted!!! Good Luck!!

  61. Just voted from Central BC Canada.
    Good luck Sam!!!

  62. Just voted Sam! Good luck!

  63. Congratulations Sam, just voted from Connecticut

  64. just voted from hawaii….congratulations and thank you for your good work! aloha

  65. Estie Joubert says:

    Just voted from CA in USA

  66. You are my fix for the day. Just voted from MAINE. Good luck.

  67. Ann Houghton says:

    Congratulations Sam, from New Zealand. I have just voted. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  68. Congratulations on your nomination! I just voted for you because you are #1 on my list of SU demos that inspire me. Thank you for sharing with us!

  69. Monika Gallard says:

    voted and congrats hope you get it as I enjoy your videos and crafts

  70. A Georgia Peach says:

    Bonne Chance, Sam! Thank you for sharing your ideas with the stamping world. It is a pleasure to check in with you each day and discover something different. Bonne Annee.

  71. Good Lucky! Just voed for you frame Holland!

  72. Congratulations, I feel you deserve it with your creativity. From Oklahoma

  73. All the best from Washington State – USA! Love love love your creativity!!

  74. Vicki Tovar says:

    Congratulations! I love receiving your ideas every day and your sense of humor. I just voted from the central coast of California

  75. Good Luck. You are fantastic. Voted from U.S. in the state of Iowa.

  76. Christine Hunter says:

    Done – from Australia

  77. Already voted for you . Good luck hope you get it cause you are totally awesome.

  78. Julieann Guest says:

    Heartiest congrats Sam, you thoroughly deserve this nomination.
    Good luck.
    Voted from Melbourne, Australia.

  79. A vote here from California. Congratulations! Well deserved!!

  80. Cheri Ruonala says:

    Just voted for you from Dover,NH USA! Love watching your videos and look forward to my daily email. Congratulations!

  81. Eleanor Everitt says:

    I voted and…CONGRATULATIONS!
    I hope you win. It is well-deserved.
    Sarasota, FL USA

  82. KAREN GARTLAND says:

    Voted, well done you deserve it & Good Luck x

  83. Nylin Tennessee says:

    congratulation to you!!! mrsgifts. have a bless christmas

  84. Just Voted…but most of all…Congratulations to you! You are the best!!

  85. Cheryl McAskill says:

    Congratulations! Just voted for you from North Carolina, USA!
    Thank you Sam for your work/dedication to instruction and guidance,
    I look forward to your posts!

  86. Good luck Sam. You deserve this. You have my vote from Pennsylvania, USA.

  87. Congratulations and Good Luck, I voted for you from California, USA. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us world wide. I enjoy checking your blog first every morning of the year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  88. Linda Imler says:

    Hi Sam,

    Just voted for you from warm and sunny Spring Hill, Florida, USA. Hope you win you deserve it.


  89. Merry Christmas Sam & greetings from So. California! You have my vote!
    Congrats & what an honor!

  90. Aloha Sam,

    Congratulations! You deserve to be recognized for the Paper Blog of the Year. We follow you even here in Hawaii. We feel like we know you. Again, congratulations.

  91. Brenda Blum says:

    Congratulations Sam! Thanks for all the great ideas you share! Just voted for you. Brenda… Saskatoon SK Canada

  92. Hope you read all this Sam. Did vote for you when you asked a few months back but will vote again from Queensland Australia

  93. Gina Nathan says:

    Congratulations. I’ve voted. Keeping everything crossed for you!!!

  94. Congratulations Sam, I have voted from France. Tu le mérites bien!

  95. Babe O'Mara says:

    Congrats to you Sam. Just voted from California. Good Luck!!

  96. Voted! You are truly awesome and I certainly hope you win! Thank you for your blog, Sam! 🙂 Happy Christmas!

  97. Congratulations Sam! Voted from Florida. You are TOPS!

  98. Congratulations I have voted, from Australia. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  99. Done! Can’t wait to hear that you’ve won!

  100. Just voted. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and good luck

  101. Congratulations for being nominated Sam. I’ve just voted. Good Luck

  102. Congratulations Sam. You deserve it. I’ve voted for you ☺️

  103. Another vote from Australia Sam – congratulations!

  104. So happy to vote for you from US/Illinois.

  105. Sharon Kent says:

    Congratulations Sam. I voted for you from North Carolina.

  106. Karen Gerek says:

    Congrats on being nominated Sam! I just voted from Wisconsin. Best of luck!

  107. Fiona Kemp says:

    Hello Sam, Congratulations! You deserve the award….just voted. Fiona, Australia

  108. Maggie Little says:

    Congratulations Sam. I voted for ya.
    Good Luck you certainly deserve such an award.
    Maggie, Texas

  109. Congratulations on your nomination Sam Just voted from Germany and best of luck ☘️

  110. What an honor! I voted for you from Southern Illinois.

  111. Congratulations on your nomination. You certainly deserve to win the award for all your hard work. Just voted- Good luck Sam.

  112. I voted a while back (from Germany) and am absolutely delighted that you’ve had such a pleasant surprise. Fingers crossed!

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