Pootles SpringWatch 2017 Twist & Close Hexagonal Box

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles SpringWatch 2017 Twist & Close Hexagonal Box

Click it for a 360° View, Pin it for later!


Click it for a 360° View, Pin it for later!

SpringWatch Giveaway for today – Balloon Pop-Up Thinlits Dies – details on how to enter at the bottom

Oh yes, it’s here. Project number 3 for the Twist and Close Collection. And this is possibly my favourite. It’s certainly the one that looks the most complicated and has had quite a few of you baffled as to how I made it….


I shared it on my facebook page and my instagram page, and there were a lot of jaw-drop emojis going on!!! But as ever, I really don’t do complicated if I can possibly help it. I want you running to craft, not running away!

And not everything need be complicated…. it just needs to look brilliant. And this ticks those boxes!!!

I have many more variations on this particular Twist and Close mechanism planned, but not during SpringWatch, you’ll have to wait for them in the months to come!!

And like the previous 2 projects, this has it’s own styling of paper too with that fantastic Party Animal print and the cool balloons. This is a suite that was a bit of a slow burner for me, but now I can’t stop using it!!

Have a great Friday everyone, 5 projects down, 9 to go…!

S xx

Cardstock – 8 x 11″ (28 x 20cm)

Score on the LONG side at 1.75, 3.5, 5.25, 7, 8.75, 10.5″ (4.5, 9, 13.5, 18, 22.5, 27cm)

MARK on the LONG side at 7-8, 2-5/8, 4-3/8, 6-1/8, 7-7/8, 9-5/8″ (2.25, 6.75, 11.25, 15.75, 20.25, 24.75cm

Score on the SHORT side at 1.75, 6.25″ (4.5, 15.5cm)

White panel – 1.5 x 4.25″ (4 x 10.5cm)

DSP panel – 1.25 x 4″ (3.5 x 10cm)


Pootles SpringWatch 2017 Giveaway

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If you live outside those locations, please feel free to enter by leaving a comment. Should you win, I will send you a selection of handmade goodies made by me!

  • *winners drawn at random
  • *winner notified by February 15th 2017
  • *You can enter every day should you wish
  • *multiple orders on the same day will each receive 5 entries into the draw
  • *prizes are supplied by me – Sam Hammond Donald, Stampin’ Up Independent Demonstrator
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  1. Gemma Spencer says:

    Another amazing box love it

  2. Jannicke Taerud says:

    I like these the best 🙂

  3. Donna Golby says:

    Another great box. I’ve saved up all these posts to have a crafty weekend playing.


  4. I think I like this one best too. 🙂

  5. Barbara Adams says:

    I just love your construction projects as they are easy to follow and so inspirational. Keep on keeping on x

  6. Fab Fab Fab, luv luv luv these boxes! Im away to order!!!

  7. Nannie Annie says:

    Like these the best. Thank you so much for sharing. Your videos are so easy to follow.

  8. I love this new box, what a popping idea.

  9. Another great video. I love all of your posts. Thank you for all you so.

  10. Lynda Arnall says:

    Twist and shout “Wow”. another great tutorial

  11. Think I love this one better than the previous ones, it must be to do with the shape cannot wait to try it but have yo go to work now

  12. Bice

  13. Debbie Williams says:

    Hi Sam

    Another lovely box, I so enjoy your creations, particularly your boxes and really love having a go at them myself. Thank you for all your brilliant ideas!

  14. Gorgeous box! I’m not that good at making 3D items, but you make it look easy!

  15. Anne lumsden says:

    Not your ordinary everyday box. Love it Sam.

  16. Cathie Foulkes says:

    I luv your blogs and your boxes, I look forward to watching them in the mornings.

  17. Cindy Smith says:

    I’ve totally enjoyed your twist boxes this week!!
    Well done!!
    I’ve made these right after before going on into work!!
    Thank you again for some amazing creations.

  18. What a Nice set of dies and what a Nice project
    Have jou make today.

  19. Daggi Mosler says:

    So great! I really love it and have to try it soon! Lots of love! Daggi

  20. Lee Allison says:

    Fab- u-lous!!

  21. Wow, what an unusual box – I love it. Thank you for the video

  22. Love love boxes!!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. You’re such a star, I love your creations & your amazing videos. I can’t wait to try this new box

  24. Christine Reid says:

    “Wow!!” “Wow!!” “Wow””

  25. Love this one too! I’ve made a similar one before, but much shorter. Love this larger size! Thank you!

  26. Love it. i needed an idea for a birthday box.

  27. Patricia Oliver -Rutherford says:

    Enjoyed watching this tutorial too. I have made the previous boxes so am looking forward to making this one as well. Thanks for the easy directions l always manage to get things right with them. Patricia

  28. Julie Saunders says:

    What a fabulous box! I’m also going to try a five sided box… Thanks Jack! 🙂

  29. Winifred Kennedy says:

    Would love to be lucky and own these. Thank you

  30. I have to agree that this one is my favourite too – tho who knows, if you do make an 8 sided one that could well be my fave one 🙂 Thank you for another great project to make this afternoon, you are fab 🙂

  31. Jennifer Newell says:

    Awesome box. Love that it looks complicated, but it’s not. Your videos are so easy to follow.

  32. You boxes are my favorite.

  33. Jackie Sait says:

    I just love all the things that you make and the video’s are easy to follow.

  34. Jayne Wilkinson says:

    I just love this box, the closure is fab, no need for a bow , thanks for sharing Sam.

  35. Thanks for sharing this box with us. Stunning closure, greetings from Germany

  36. Another lovely box xx love it xx

  37. Judy Collins says:

    Sam, I love this box! Thank you so much for sharing such awesome ideas and inspiration.

  38. So nice! I have a question. What lb. cardstock are you using? I want to make these and I want them to be sturdy. Thanks.

  39. Nat Eastop says:

    Awesome awesome awesome!! Nuff said!!
    Roll on 2morrow for another fab project

  40. Vicky Malin says:

    Totally enjoy your videos! You make these little boxes seem so easy. Valentine treats for the grandkids on the horizon! Thank you so much for sharing.

  41. Valerie Barker says:

    You inspire me everyday, can’t wait to finish my morning coffee and try this box!

  42. Hi Sam,
    Just love your demo’s and boxes that you share, their lovely so easy to follow and enjoy creating them,
    I have lots of you demos recorded.
    Thanks for sharing your idea’s
    Gina x

  43. Hi Sam love the box ,made one today ,But top off box was not quite right ,but wil made another jenny x

  44. Maggie Little says:

    You are so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  45. Hi Sam..greetings from a rainy but still beautiful San Farancisco California. I love all your boxes and I have made some to use as gift holders. Everyone who gets a box is amazed, as I am, that I made it. I always give you credit. Wondering how I might make this exact box shorter…do you reply to these comments?
    Have a great day

  46. Birgit Kjær says:

    Hello Sam. 3 lovely boxes, I will make them to a easter bazar i´m going to in April. Looking forward for next week. Have a nice weekend.

  47. how do you find time to think up these fab ideas loving them

  48. Another wonderful box. I can’t decide which to use for Valentine’s goodies, so I might just do all 3 of these. Thanks for all the great ideas. You rock!

  49. Diane in OR, USA says:

    Love this box. I will be making some for Valentines Day! Thank you so much, you are such an inspiration for me!

  50. Ann Lauzon says:

    Hi Sam,

    Whee this one was a bit of a challenge but I finally got it to stay shut. I did the bottom first using a hexagon jar that I have, and then the top fell into place. Great boxes…love them.

  51. Jeannette McCarthy says:

    I had some jars in my stash and this box will house them beautifully. Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration!

  52. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, love, love, love it.

  53. Glenys King says:

    Another useful box Love the colours These boxes have given me incentive to try some myself Thank you

  54. Oh my gosh Sam, you have out done yourself! You have got to be the most creative box maker ever! Thank you for all of your videos!

  55. Denise Bryant says:

    Fun boxes! I love the way they close!

  56. Tracy Baumann says:

    Wow amazing box love love love it thank you for sharing.x 🙂

  57. Linda Dube says:

    Wow. This is by far my favourite one of all. Thank you for sharing.

  58. Marie-Anne says:

    Hi what a clever idea & looks easy to do! Can’t wait to try it out! I do love your tutorials..thanks for sharing!

  59. Lovely box. Will give it a try.

  60. I’m having a good catch up on your blog today and wow, I final get to see this box – and I am not at all disappointed. Love, love, love!!!!!!! Thank you so much Sam.

  61. Heather Daniel says:

    Great – I love boxes of all sorts. I receive your email of your blogs and love all your ideas. Heather Daniel – New Zealand

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