Penned & Painted Crumb Cake With Vellum Overlay

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Penned & Painted Crumb Cake With Vellum Overlay

I have a confession to make on this fine Tuesday morning….

I’m not convinced this card works with the colour set up I have here…. However, in the usual open style of me sharing everything, I’ve decided to bring it to you for your thoughts.

I think the card idea works – I’ve got tone on tone stamping with a full overlay of vellum and then a matching panel on the front.

However, I do wonder if it would be better with a more contrasting stamped image. Perhaps a bright pink on white cardstock with the vellum overlay? Or maybe any colour on a white card rather than the tone on tone?

My top stamped layer has been heat embossed with clear embossing powder, so it does stand out that little bit more. Perhaps that’s what I needed to do on the main underlayer?

I’m not sure. I can’t quite put my finger on why this hasn’t quite worked. It’s not bad, it’s just not quite ‘there’ if you know what I mean.

So I’m throwing it out there to you guys to hear your thoughts.

S x

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  1. simone mcloughlin says:

    i have done this technique and found that if i use a darker ink under the vellum, it shows through better. so if you use a light brown on top, use a darker brown under the vellum. it does show through much better. (mine was fall leaves)
    but… using brighter colors might help this card out. for me, it just seems to ‘sit there’…not exactly reflecting the sentiment.
    but concept is nice. can’t wait to see how you change it up!

    • Ellen Mogensen says:

      I like the idea–I agree with the darker color on the layer beneath vellum.
      How about keeping the crumb cake and using 2 tones of a blue ink. Could experiment with purples, pinks, etc. Yes, agree with some highlights using wink of stella.

  2. simone mcloughlin says:

    oh and yes, white card stock under w a colored ink
    and on top, colored card stock, tone on tone… that might work too!

  3. Gina Nathan says:

    I love the card, the vellum overlay looks fab. I’d like to see it with white heat embossing and some wink of stella to fill in the flowers. I feel a card coming on!!!

  4. Lynne Monk says:

    If you’re going to stick with Crumb Cake I’d try heat embossed clear under the vellum and heat embossed white on top for ‘pop’. Doesn’t say ‘happy’ at the moment!! :o(

  5. Interesting conundrum. I think that as long as you are using tone-on-tone stamping, covered with vellum, it is always going to be significantly muted. Some colours might be a little more dramatic, but still greatly toned-down, and may nor may not be what you are going for. (Since the posted pictures are often not what they are in real life, it may not be as lacking in contrast as it seems in your blog.) However, one interesting way to use this difference between the two layers to your advantage might be to stamp the bottom layer, tone-on-tone, and emboss with clear embossing powder. Then – instead of adding the vellum layer to completely cover the bottom layer, what if you cut the vellum to “frame” the bottom layer – maybe with 2-3 cm borders. Then you would see a difference between the two areas – one with and one without the vellum; it would also give you the chance to have part of the images sharp, while the edges of the same images would fade off into the muted tones under the vellum areas. Then, you could completely dispense with the embossed layer on top of the vellum. If it still needed a little spicing up, the centers of the flowers in the un-vellumed area could be glittered, wink-of-stella-ed, or some other measure to add interest. And, after considering all our suggestions, you may just figure that it is pretty good just the way it is!

  6. I had this with an embossed thin vellum over a white card, it just didn’t do it for me. But then I placed the sentiment and a butterfly in a popping colour and now I like it. Still not happy about the thin vellum though. 🙂

    I do like your concept, maybe ad some of the suggestions posted above.

  7. Anne Lumsden says:

    I love your honesty….All the previous comments seem to give the most useful advice. It is not a technique I have yet tried, so have nothing further to add.

  8. The flower set is so nice!

  9. Jamie Watts says:

    I like the idea, it just needs some gold embossing and Wink of Stella to make it “pop.”

  10. Sam, the card is beautiful, love the design and the stamp you used.
    Now, the Stampin’ Up! Vellum is thick therefore you need really dark ink to stamp images that will go under it.
    Perhaps a darker brown would have worked better for the stamped panel under the vellum?
    We all have made cards that, once they are done, they somehow do not satisfy us, I think we are our worst critics.
    Thank you for showing us you feel the same too, my dear.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  11. Maybe white embossing on both the under layer and the top layer would work well with the crumbcake card. The plain vellum overlay would look really pretty with white showing through…I think.

    You could also try embossing the images on the vellum with white heat embossing powder and leave the under layer plain. Use white embossing powder on the top layer, too.

    Last suggestion: white embossing on both the bottom layer and the top layer. Cut a piece of vellum with a 1-2 cm border to put behind the top layer.

    I like white embossing on crumbcake; it reminds me of wearing a white summery dress over tanned skin.

  12. Phyllis Shepherd says:

    Sam, I actually love it because it looks “earthy” or something my son would love. Not my usual style but I would make for him. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Maybe Early Espresso on white under the velum. Love the top layer.

  14. Denise Ferguson says:

    I’m sure it looks better in person, as vellum always adds an elegant touch. It’s not my favorite color combo, but I wouldn’t toss it in the bin! I love your blog! Thanks for your inspiration!

    Denise from Texas

  15. Sam, I personally love the card because you made it! Love the concept and this stamp set… flower lover that I am would love to see it with some color on the flowers… maybe a soft white wash or whatever color you choose. Can’t wait to see it spruced up or stepped up, but don’t trash as it lovely…

  16. Annie Jasper in NH says:

    I’m going in a different direction here… may I suggest masking/stamping so that there is continual flow between the flowers on the cardstock and the flowers on the vellum.This will add cohesiveness.

  17. nicolaC says:

    what about adding some white highlights to the flowers in the center panel, on the flower centers maybe and the edges of the petals. i would emboss the flowers in white on top of the vellum too. tfs

  18. Wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So many advices . . . they will result in beautiful cards . . . I would think about using a lighter vellum . . . I have used it to overlay my butterflies.

  19. If vellum isn’t a must then why not Saraha Sand with the same ink. I bit darker but not much. Love the concept however!

  20. How about white border ,fill centre of flowers a little of the same colour,and white embossing centiment,but the card looks great anywayXx

  21. Miranda Ellerington says:

    Love these ideas! Just love your’realness’ Sam!
    My idea contribution is a mix of the above… White embossing on the under layer and a white watercolour wash on the top flowers with the sentiment embossed in white but separate with dimensionals! (and a touch of stella of course!) Cheers

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