A Sweet Sugarplum Succulent Garden Giveaway

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – A Sweet Sugarplum Succulent Garden

I had to do it one more time. Make a layered card using the stunning Succulent Garden DSP. I have loved and adored this paper. The first pattern to catch my eye was the lovely check pattern but the rest quickly grew on me and the designs have made some simple projects absolutely stunning and it will be missed.

That’s not to say there aren’t more incredible papers coming next week, but you know, old favourites and all that.

So in keeping with my Use-It-Up-Challenge, this is a great card for using up those scraps and bits you’ve got hanging around your craft desk waiting for something to prettify.

I don’t ever have any set measurements to my layered card other than the initial paper layer being 1/2cm shorter and narrower than the cardstock base. After that, I make whatever I have to hand fit!!

I’m not sure who to give this card to, so…. I’m going to give it to one of you!

All I’d love to know is how you enjoy your garden. Is it filled with succulents? Do you have a trampoline for your children/grandchildren? Is it landscaped and you relax with a glass of wine? How do you enjoy your time in your garden.

I’ll pick someone at random on Wednesday 31st.

S xx

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Sam Hammond

#1 Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Cuny van der Hoeven says:

    Hello Sam, First I want to tell you how much I aways enjoy your mails and I must confess that I have made many of the lovely boxes you showed in your mails. And Always I am comlimented for them, where you need the honours.
    Now about my garden. Well, I only have a very tiny garden, with even a very tiny pond in it. But I love to be there and look around what is blooming that special moment.My wonderful clematis just has lost all its beautiful flowers, but my roses, I ony have two, are starting to bloom now. So I feel happy when I am there.
    Best wishes, Cuny van der Hoeven from Enschede, The Netherlands

  2. Hi Sam!! You must have noticed that I write a comment every day . . . it is like paying you a visit and thanking you for the beautiful tutorials you share with us and that I immediately put into practice.
    My garden? It will sound odd but it is not actually a garden . . . it is a park!!! It is the park inside the residence where I live. I decided to give it back its look when I moved in 34 years ago and I can say it looks beautiful now . . . it has appeared in two magazines and I feel so proud . . . I enjoy it more when I see people walking, jogging or making a pic-nic. It is an international garden, I have ordered bulbs and seeds from the USA, the Netherlands, France and of course from Peru, my native country. The succulents I have give the most beautiful flowers. As Cuny writes . . . best wishes from Marina Sanchez Concha de Lamandé, from Algiers, Algeria (purchasing in France).

  3. Hi,
    Once logging on I go straight to my mail – there’s gotta be post from Pootles’ my garden is really small at the back but affords privacy from my immediate neighbours much to their delight and ours My front garden is a rectangle of hill can’t do a lot with it but along with the rest of the street I pay a gardener to keep the grass low to be admired as there’s nowt much else you can do with it – going back to the rear garden accessed luckily much appreciated by a side gate we grow our veggies to be canned or dehydrated to be grinds down to powder or a thick gravy yummy yummy anyway enough waffling from me – Have a great day with love Lynn

  4. Patricia Oliver -Rutherford says:

    Hello Sam,
    Thank you for another lovely card to make. I needed some inspiration today to make a card for my sister to send to an old family friend. My garden is looking a little sad at the moment as the weather in Melbourne is heading for some cold times. The last few roses are in a vase on my kitchen table. Thanks again for all your lovely projects you show us how to make , have a great day. Regards Patricia (Australia)

  5. Morning Sam,
    I don’t have a garden at all so I make use of the balcony in my apartment and have over 20 colourful geraniums in blue and while pots. The flowers tumble over the wall and railings
    and look lovely. I have a scented jasmine that smells beautiful at the moment and it is a pleasure to sit on the balcony in the evenings. X

  6. Ello Sam love the card ,And I do love love that paper,Well after five grandchildren,haveing snail races,makeing daisy chain,frogs an watching tadpoles grow,an children on scooters,they have all grown up now ,But we did have fun,So now it’s nice to sit an have nice bootle of wine or an nice cup of coffe Xx

  7. Hi Sam! I live in north-western Pennsylvania, so spring is still springing. My lilac is just about ready to bloom and I have some green coming up in the flower beds. My yard is nearly 3 acres, which now that the kids are grown and gone off on their own, is too much. I enjoy watching the birds and the bunnies, the occasional deer. I like sitting in the shade and enjoying a cocktail or coffee, or iced tea. I love to sit and read now that summer vacation is just about here. There are 3 days left of school, though, I do plan to teach the summer school program. Once the end of June arrives, I will spend lots of time outside puttering about, reading and just sitting and watching the world. I will spend the rainy days or super hot days inside papercrafting using my ideas from your blog! Thank you for always having such good ones! Be well!

  8. Our garden, don’t ask, at the moment it is over grown with weeds and so.
    The birds, butterflies and insects love it that way though. 🙂
    I love making boxes, cards and beading more then gardening so my garden is on the last place of my to do list.

    I did manage how ever to clear my driveway, and a part of our front garden. 😀

  9. Betty Brotzman says:

    Hi Sam,
    I enjoy making many of your items…especially when you show 6×6 items.
    Please enter me.

  10. It is an awesome skill to showcase lovely gardening sketch. It is a good quality drawing. I am a gardener and I can smell your love for the garden in this sketch.

  11. Hi Sam!
    Found you recently and now I’m hooked. I love paper crafting and I look in every day and love your work. (and your accent ).
    My garden…hmm, well it’s weed central. Hopefully soon pretty & full of flowers.
    Very rainy & gloomy today in Pennsylvania USA

  12. Ellen W says:

    Good morning Sam! I love your blog and always find inspiration when I go there! What a great card layout for using up your DSP! Thank you for sharing it and again, I’m inspired!
    I have a nice garden area both in front and back I’d my house. I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and my rhodedendrons are blooming as well as red hot pokers, irises, day lilies, etc. I love sit on the patio and watch the birds, gaze at what’s blooming, with a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay! And maybe pull a weed or two!

  13. Nadine Motes says:

    I love watching your videos on my computer–reading and creating stamp ideas

  14. Adi Weir says:

    Hi Sam, My garden is my passion, I love gardening as much as I love crafting, I don’t have a very big garden but I try to pack as much creativity into it as I do my take on your beautiful cards/boxes, but when the weather behaves my hubby puts up the gazebo and we sit with a drink of some kind and I read and my hubby strums his guitar, there is nothing more relaxing, (except maybe when I am crafting).

  15. I just have a tiny west facing walled garden behind an old cottage with hostas and lilies in pots, lovely fresh herbs, a couple of old scented roses and 2 hives full of bees that I can sit and watch for hours in the sunshine or look out of the window at as I craft. The sun is just going down and I’ve had a wonderful birthday.
    Well done on all your cards and boxes, I have a ‘pootles’ board on my pinterest where I keep them all

  16. Judy Bell says:

    Hi Sam!
    I stumbled across you on Pinterest a few weeks ago. I make cards and sell them all the time but am now hooked on boxes. I subscribe to several blogs but yours is the only “must read” every day. You have ignited a new fire in me and I will be joining Stampin’ Up in the near future. I live in Ontario, Canada north of Toronto. My front garden is about 10 by 30 feet and full of perennials. I absolutely love it. It is still a work in progress but is getting better every year.

  17. Hi Sam,
    I’ve recently found you and your blog, I love the great detail you give in your videos and written form too. Great use of those odd bits we’ve all got stashed to make a lovely card.
    For me it’s a glass of wine and a good book in a quiet part of the garden.

  18. Hello Sam
    I like your card with the DSP succulent garden. This DSP is one of my favourites and I am going to miss it a lot.
    My garden is not very big and the house is in the middle. From spring to late autumn there are different types of flowers blooming. At the moment there are lilies, rhododendrons, geraniums, peonies and bluebells. I have got a row of rose bushes (Leonardo da Vinci) about 20 meters long just inside the fence and the buds have come out. Normally, there are about 2000 roses per year. There are also a few types of berries and fruit trees such as apples, pears, apricots, figs and persimum. Although you need to put in a lot of work to keep the garden tidy it is still nice to have a garden. Unfortunately, I have very little time to enjoy my garden.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    My garden is the final resting place of my 3 beloved pets. We’ve got lovely flowers there to pay tribute and a Fairy Garden in a container that my granddaughter and I maintain together. The card you made is quite beautiful and I admire all your work! Thanks for being you Sam!

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