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Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Buy One Get One Free Questions Answered Beforehand!

So I’ve had a number of questions since I sent out the update yesterday, so I thought I’d set up another blog post to clarify those and cover a couple of other things.

  • To reiterate, while I use Paypal as a payment option, you do Not need to have a paypal account to purchase. It’s simply the portal I use for easy payments, as long as you have a debit/credit card, you can shop!
  • The photographs are a paypal button. Simply click the photo and you’re taken straight to a payment screen. I’ve created stock levels so that when the item has been bought, it can’t then be purchased again by someone else!
  • I will be here online at the same time as the sales all launch, so that I can remove the photographs as products sell. There’s nothing worse than seeing something you want to find it’s gone!
  • I would reiterate, based on last year’s sale, which was the first I’ve ever done, things sold out very very quickly!
  • Finally, as a reminder, these are products that are bought by me and used by me. I’m a bit obsessive about keeping things neatly in my office – many of you will have seen photos of my stamp storage and my paper racks. So other than fading on the outer cases of the stamp sets and slight peeling of the labels on the back of the cases, the stamps will be absolutely fine. Damaged cardstock has not been included in the sale, only full new packs of DSP have been included.
  • There are some new and unused products in the sale, however I’ve chosen not to identify those. All products are at the last known retail price, and therefore whether the item was new or not doesn’t make a difference to the price!
  • I have a number of much older stamp sets that came to me via a friend, you’ll know which ones they are by the rareness of them and that some are in old style clamshell cases! However, after much research, I was able to find the last known price and chose to include them here. I felt it only right to offer them to you all first rather than the open market free for all that is eBay….. so keep your eyes open for the likes of Spiced Paisley, Snowflake Soiree, Sprinkled Expressions etc….
  • I will email you in the next day or so after the majority of the products have gone in order to find out which products you’d like to choose from the current catalogue. However if you’ve finished shopping early, feel free to email me. It will take me a little time to co-ordinate each shopper and correctly identify sales totals. My email inbox should hopefully get quite full, I have 500+ items up for grabs…

So the countdown is on, this sale goes live at 6pm UK time tonight!

S xx

Pootles’ Picks Shopping Gifts

Everyone who shops with me gets a handmade card and gift in the post. Sometimes the gift is a handcrafted item, sometimes it’s a product share, sometimes it’s something else entirely!

And every person gets that, regardless of how large or small your order is. I am grateful to everyone who shops with me.

I do however also have a Hostess Code and always share the goodies out amongst everyone who uses it. This month, I’m trialling something different.


  • Spend over £50/€65 and receive the divine Metallic Edge Ribbon in Silver worth £6.25/€8.50
  • Spend over £100/€135 and receive the utterly beautiful Background Bits stamp set worth £19/€25
  • If you’d still like to use the code and be part of the collective, but your order is under £50, please feel free to use it and I’ll make sure to pop a little something extra in your parcel!
  • If your order is over £150/€200 please do not use the code as you will be your own Hostess and get your own rewards to spend!




Sam Hammond

#1 Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

You can buy Stampin’ Up! online easily through my Stampin’ Up! shop link on the right hand side, or within this blog post.

You can also join Stampin’ Up! through similar links too! I have various FAQ and joining Stampin’ Up! pages on the blog, so do click around!  

I cover the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria with my shop, but also my team too, so you can join me in those countries also!

And of course, you can find me on facebook, instagram, pinterest and on YouTube as a Guru with my account name as PootlesPapercraft, however, I’m scattered everywhere as Pootles!


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  1. hahahahaha, and again, this time I was to early with ordering.
    I just placed and payed about 1 hour ago. 🙂

  2. Please advise about my Gold American Express Card. Thanks!

    • I believe so. I did a quick look on google – “PayPal accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover”

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