Pootles’ Tips – Simply Scored Scoring Tool and Stylus

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator – Pootles’ Tips – Simply Scored Scoring Tool and Stylus

So today I have a slightly different video for you! I get asked quite a lot of questions about various techniques I use and with the best will in the world, I try to cover them the next time that I film a video, but I often film 2 or 3 weeks apart, so I forget to remember to include them!

Prompted by a lovely email from Jen who has been shopping with me for a number of years, I decided to start a series of tips and hints. Thank you Jen!

So here goes with the first, and a question I get asked a lot. Which end of the Stylus do I use when scoring?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, it depends on you and how heavy handed you are really. But I wanted to show you the difference on video. It really does make a difference with the amount of pressure you put on the stylus, but it’s a bit of an experiment for yourself.

I do love my scoring tool, I couldn’t be without it, and while I don’t use the metric plate all that much, I love that it’s set up for international card sizes! Clever clever!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! I’ve got a batch of One to One team calls today and I love those, I come away from the call as inspired as the member of my team hopefully is!

S xx

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  1. Anne Lumsden says:

    Thank you Sam.

  2. Peggy Mitchell says:

    Love the tip about “greasing” the stylus.When I first began using the Scoring Tool I used to have problems with the stylus jumping the track. Thanks to your videos, I realized that I was not holding my hand in the best of positions. As always, Sam, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tutorial, very helpful, I have “another” type of board.
    I am definitely going to have one of these. I am off on holiday but I will order through you when I get back.

  4. Jennifer H says:

    Wow! You’ve solved a problem I didn’t realise I had! Yes my stylus jumps and sometimes the card looks slightly cracked but I didn’t think I was using the wrong technique. Bring on the next few weeks, I may well be at my computer before breakfast! Wow again Sam

    Jen the culprit

  5. Another tip to help the stylist slide easier is to rub wax paper (the stuff you use in baking/cooking) on your cardstock. I use it all the time and it works great.

  6. Hi great tip thanks – I bought the board and trimmer my first order – my old board lovely pink great reputation only did halves – rubbish!
    Wax paper is great to stop jumping
    Lynn UK Xx

  7. Marthea from Western Australia says:

    Very interesting
    Great tips

  8. Nylin Tennessee says:


  9. Denise Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the great tips — especially the grease tip! I really enjoy your videos!

  10. Great tip video. I have several scoring tools and love them all. Thanks!

  11. Christine Geary says:

    Just wanna pop in to agree with the wax paper tip. It really makes a difference. Thanks Sam for all your wonderful tips, tricks and projects.

  12. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Love this new segment Sam. We can all use new ideas. The wax paper idea is great since I jump the track once in a while also. I’ve learned not to score too hard because I have ripped my paper going too hard.

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