Stampin’ Up! Pootles Tips Reinking Simply

Stampin’ Up! Pootles Tips Reinking Simply

I love our ink pads. They’re just so fabulous. To be fair, I don’t have a great deal of experience of ‘non Stampin’ Up’ inks as I’d never stamped before I joined, but I’ve used a couple of other brands over the years and ours are just genius on a few levels.

Firstly, hello firm foam! None of this fabric malarky that just sucks all the ink and says ‘yeah, best of luck getting a decent imprint off me’… And yahoo for the inventive team at the home office who developed an ink pad that when stored, has the pad facing down, so the ink is always at the top of the pad. Sheer, total and utter genius right there!

However, what I truly love is that we carry reinkers to refill our inkpads. As a single inkpad at £6 each, they’re not expensive one by one, but if you’re a huge stamper or want to collect them all, replacing them can get costly. That’s where having the bottle of ink is a marvel. I always have a bottle of each reinker to hand for occasions such as this past week where I stamped my little heart out and my inkpads were feeling quite dry and thirsty! No need to rush an order through to carry on the job at hand. Nope, I just grabbed my bottle of reinker and carried on.

To give you an idea of how long a reinker could last, I stamp in excess of 3,000 projects a year. The majority of that is duplicated projects – thank you cards, thank you gifts etc. I’ve never yet had to buy a second reinker. Ever. And given that aside from the in-colours, the last colour refresh happened 4 years ago when I first joined, that’s pretty good going for our core line.

So my tip video today is to show you how I reink when I’ve stamped approximately 300 images onto cardstock and need to fill up my thirsty inkpad!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

S x

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  1. It looks so easy, so I will try with my almost bald pad and see if the colour comes back!

    Many thanks

  2. Marthea from Western Australia says:

    Thanks Sam, love your tips

  3. Thanks Sam. This is one task I dread because it can be so messy and then you don’t actually achieve with any success what you set out to do anyway. I love your tips. I think we all do.

  4. Sam, I noticed that little punched out circle on the ink bottle, I have been wondering how I can easily mark my bottles to see the colours from the top. so a punched out circle and a glue dot it is! Love your videos. From Ontario Canada, Thank you, Marie

  5. Sharon Gibbons says:

    Thanks for the video. I don’t have an extra bone folder, I use a plastic tag that comes on a bread bag to spread the ink.

  6. Thanks that’s brilliant ,I now no how to reink X thank – you

  7. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Loving your tip videos Sam. I need to start reinking also

  8. Joni Daniel says:

    Love your tips and how easy you make it look.

  9. Shirley McAfee says:

    Thanks I did not know how to do that so thanks for the tip

  10. Anne Lumsden says:

    Thanks Sam, I learnt a lot from that video.

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