Pootles Tips Tying a Square Knot Easily

Stampin’ Up! Pootles Tips Tying a Square Knot Easily

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a super quick tip for you this week. And it involves ribbon. And me…

Not usually a combination that works well.

I love ribbon, anyone who’s seen the photos of my desk will know that I have a long ribbon rack with all our colours and ribbons on it. However, ribbon isn’t overly keen on me. Or rather, ribbon being turned into a bow doesn’t like me.

I can tie a bow when it’s not attached to anything (I show that in a video!) but I find it nigh on impossible to film myself tying a bow when it’s around something.

But knots, oh I can do those. And not just messy accidental ones that are the result of attempted bow tying. Proper knots. Or Square Knots as they’re known.

And it surprised me how many people have asked if I could show how to tie one. So here you are! The easy way to tie a square knot.

I really do hope it’s useful!

S x

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  1. Jennifer H says:


    So that’s what people mean when they say “Pull the other one”.


  2. Hi Sam ! Would be good if you can do a video tip on putting colours together,I sometimes have a problem with colour,

  3. Anne Lumsden says:

    Love that tip. Yes, please could you do some hints on colour. It is something I struggle with. I appreciate DSP helps, but I do not use that so much…..

  4. Cindy Bailey says:

    I was taught “Right over left then left over right”
    same thing but that helps me remember.

    • Yes, I was going to add that. Learned that from my days of Macrame….lol
      And when I tie a bow, very helpful to have tweezers handy! I always mess every thing up when trying to pull the 2nd loop thru. So I grab that loop with the tweezers to get it thru far enough to grab with my fingers.

  5. Awesome tip. I agree with Jenny and Anne, I sometimes have a hard time with matching colors. I’ve looked at a color wheel, and I guess that helps a little. I love using patterned paper because then you can just pick out a color that’s in there and go with that 🙂

  6. Marthea from Western Australia says:

    So is it a “reef” knot Sam?

  7. Great tip! Now I know why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Thanks!

  8. Thank you, now I got it

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