OnStage for Stampin’ Up! And Humble Gratitude

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – OnStage for Stampin’ Up! And Humble Gratitude

Ok, so this is an unexpected blog post!

I normally blog at 7am GMT but it’s late on a Monday evening because I’m totally bursting over with excitement and I just couldn’t hold it any longer!

As you will perhaps know from my blog posts over the weekend, I was at our OnStage corporate event for Stampin’ Up! and our November event is a huge celebration of the previous year’s activities along with the big launch of the new Spring Catalogue which goes live in January.

So much happened, starting on Friday evening with a special leadership event. I was a proud team leader when one of my team, Caroline, was part of a panel talking to the leader group. As a first time leader attendee, she did incredibly well to stand and present too! Talk about in at the deep end!

Over in France, one of my other team was at her local event too, so it was amazing for me to share with Amanda and Caroline from my team in the UK whilst knowing that Sophie was enjoying her event in Paris. I have demonstrators in my team in all 5 of the European Countries, so it’s always fun and games trying to keep in touch with everyone at the same time. My heart was with the German team at their OnStage Saturday event too.

Saturday morning started with 450 of us getting together to start the early kick off of our full day of events. We had swapping, recorded content from the Live event in Salt Lake City and so much more.


I was thrilled to receive loads of gifts and treats, and for those who were looking a little bemused as to why I was carrying a white Christmas Tree, there is a story behind it.

I’d recently posted a photo of a stunning pink and grey Christmas tree onto facebook and mentioned that I loved it but lived in a house full of menfolk. Fast forward to Saturday when a lovely Australian demo, Sharon Cottingham, who was joining our team for the day as an honorary Pootler, presented me with a white Christmas tree and box full of decorations she’d hand made and brought all the way from Australia for me! I have no words other than that I’m blown away firstly by her incredible talent, but that she thought of me and made them. It was a privilege to have her as our team for the day and for those Australian demos out there, when you guys were recognised in the Global Top 100 demonstrator list, please know that Sharon did you proud and whooped and cheered for you all!

During the day there was lots of recognition and I’m thrilled to share that I was recognised for my achievements (more to follow in this post!) but I was the proudest ever when I got to walk the stage with Amanda and Caroline for earning the Alaska Incentive trip, while knowing Sophie was doing the same over in Paris.

Then I was thrilled to hear Caroline’s name called 3 times for being in ALL 3 top 5 Performance Categories. I thought I would cry with her! Then I got a message from Sophie who shared that she’d earned the number 1 spots in France for Sales and Recruiting and the number 2 spot for Leadership!

My heart was so full!

I’m utterly delighted to share that I earned the number 1 spot in all 3 categories and I can’t tell you how delighted I am. It’s nearly impossible to put into words how this makes me feel. I adore what I do, I wouldn’t ever change what I do, and in all truthfulness, it’s still not sunk in.

Later that day we were also told who the brand new International Artisan Design Team for Stampin’ Up! are and I’m utterly delighted for another member from my French team, Sarah Lancaster as she is the only French demo representing Stampin’ Up! I can’t think of anyone better!

I kind of thought that was it for the day, but towards the end of the day, there was more recognition. Stampin’ Up! has a set of formulas that they follow to work out how a demonstrator is ‘ranked’ in each country. It’s based on a lot of factors including the sales, recruiting and leadership activity, but also how a demo’s team are performing and promoting and it demonstrates that we are doing ‘all the right stuff’ as leaders so to speak! So I was totally thrilled to hear the amazing Linda Parker’s name called. And again, I had word from Sophie that she is in the French top 10 as well! But you can imagine how my heart practically stopped when my own name was called at the number 1 spot.

But again, that wasn’t where it ended. Using similar formulas, Stampin’ Up! then takes the entire demonstrator base globally (50,000 demonstrators) and ranks us similarly.

I am so proud to share that Caroline is in the list, along with Sophie. Last year I was #19 and my only goal was to get a little higher than that.

As the countdown passed the 19 spot, I felt a massive sense of achievement. I mean, I’m a demo of just 4.5 years, so bettering my previous year was all I wanted to do. But then the numbers got lower and lower (it starts at 100 and counts down to 1!). The #15 mark was crossed and no name called. Then the number 10 mark went passed and I started to get half concerned and half excited. My upline was called at #8 and I began to get even more anxious. then #5 was called and my heart almost stopped.

And then, with perfect timing, a photo was caught of my face when my name was called out at #4.

I genuinely have no words. I spoke with my Mum this morning when she phoned to congratulate me, and it’s impossible to comprehend. Number 4 out of 50,000.

As I said before, I wouldn’t ever change what I do. I adore working with my team, I love working with all of you who get in touch. I get endless pleasure from treating and gifting the people who shop with me. And I genuinely have the best job in the world.

So from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible. So I’m celebrating here, and I want you to as well. It’s a collective that we share.

And my weekend was topped off when I saw that I had earned the Greek Islands Incentive Trip on Sunday morning.

Yes, I’m really on Cloud 9 right now.

so with my love and gratitude,

S x



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  1. Sam,
    I am so happy for you and your team for all your fantastic achievements.
    Its so nice to see all your hard work deservedly rewarded.

  2. Bravo à toutes …

  3. April Masson says:

    I’m so happy for you but not surprised you are the best out there

  4. You deserve all the awards and accolades that have been bestowed upon you. Such a talented person.

  5. Well done Sam to you and your team. Well deserved recognition for all your amazing ideas and hard work. Congratulations to you all xx

  6. Frances Chapman says:

    Many congratulation Sam, on to bigger and better next year, if that’s possible.

  7. Sam, you are NUMBER 1 IN MY BOOK!!!!!
    You are an amazing and talented crafter, so generous with your time sharing your love for this hobby with all of us across the Pond.
    You and your team deserve all the awards you were given, I wish my vote counted but I live in the USA.
    I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from you since I discovered your amazing blog, I wish for you continued success for many years to come.
    Big hugs and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    Maria Rodriguez, Crown Point, Indiana. USA.

  8. Lori Manicho says:

    CONGRATS Sam! I LOVE watching your tutorials and videos you are a SU Mentor! also congrats to your team! I watch Amanda as well!



    Lori Manicho
    Ohio USA

  9. Quiltercaroline says:

    Congratulations, what a wonderful set of results xxx

  10. Congratulations, Sam, on your wonderful achievements!

  11. Congratulations,your tutorials are amazing.

  12. Charlene Danks says:

    Congratulations to you and your team. Sam you deserve it as you are always so helpful. Xxx

  13. Cathy Gilbert says:

    Congratulations to you and your team! You are a HUGE inspiration to many and you deserve the recognition for you dedication and leadership.
    All the best!

  14. Congratulations to you and your team, love your tutorials.

  15. Wooooowwwwwww, wooooowwwwwww, wooooowwwwwwwwwww . . . I could not expect less . . . I knew it!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would have to go back to my files, but I think I found your blog one year ago . . . I have learned so many things and, me too, wish to thank you for everything you do for us across the pond . . . the little pond . . . the Mediterranean . . . since I follow you from North Africa and I have to be very patient when I order items, waiting until somebody crosses the small pond. Best of everything for you Sam Hammond!!

  16. Its a pity you Could not Hear us scream and yell when we heard your name in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Congrats of all of us. You are our Hero!

  17. So well deserved Sam! You give me and so many more, daily inspiration… I particularly love your videos if for no other reason than to hear your giggle!! Here’s to many more years of achievement and recognition! Cheers!

  18. Congratulations Sam. You’ve earned it.

  19. Beth Jones says:

    Many, many congratulations! You certainly deserve these rewards and recognitions, and although I am in the USA, I am a big fan of yours, and so enjoy your videos. Many of your cards and boxes are saved to my Pinterest account.

  20. Congratulations Sam you so deserve these rewards and so many more x

  21. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Congratulations to you and your team Sam. That is absolutely wonderful. I know that takes a lot of work and you deserve it. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and may you have many more blessed years in your business, doing what you love.

  22. Congratulations Sam! I am a Demo in Oklahoma, USA and I have followed you for quite some time. All of this recognition is well deserved for work well done!

  23. Peg Sullivan says:

    Not surprising at all Your team and you especially I wish my demonstrator was more helpful You guys are inspiring and Pootles I love your videos

  24. Dear Sam, i am so thrilled you loved the decorations and the tree because with out your inspiration and wonderful on-line presentations i would never have been brave enough to attempt 3D projects which are now my love and passion. The joy i get in turning the wonderful SU products into special creations is life enriching beyond measure. Thank you for your very kind words i had an amazing time with you and your fabulous team

  25. Dear Sam, kudos to you and your team. This is so well deserved and you are probably the only one surprised 😉 Also excited for Caroline! Best, Jutta from Germany

  26. Dianne Massie says:

    Congratulations to all, well deserved by everybody.
    Thanks for sharing all that you create.

  27. I know I’m one of hundreds wishing you well done, Sam. I still honestly don’t know how I came across your name almost two years ago when I was playing with origami paper but I am soooo glad I did! Congrats – you’re the best there is X

  28. Congratulations Sam and to all your team too especially Amanda x

  29. Susanna Sievinen says:

    Wow, congrats Sam you are the best!

  30. Congratulations to you and your amazing team this is so deserved ! you are pretty amazing yourself you would have to be to have such a wonderful team up 15 places in a year just marvellous love to watch every tutorial you do, Sam you make my day xx

  31. Congratulations! You deserve it and I love that you’re so grateful and humble.
    Thank you for doing what you do!

  32. Cathy Marsée says:

    Congratulations!!! You are awesome! As a total fluke I saw one of your YouTube videos about a year after you started with Stampin’ Up! when I had searched videos on how to wrap gifts in fancy ways. One of your gift box tutorials randomly popped up and I watched it out of curiosity. I ended up watching every single tutorial you had at that point in one sitting! I was intrigued! I ended up ordering supplies from a demo here in Arkansas, USA, and have been in love with paper crafting ever since! All because of you!!! So thank you so much for the time you take to make your videos, and for letting the world watch them for free – I know they are time consuming to make! You deserve everything you’ve achieved, and I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you in regards to Stampin’ Up!

  33. Debbie Perry says:

    Congratulations! A perfect example of hard work pays off 🙂

  34. terrie rodrigue says:

    Congrats Sam…you deserve it…wow # 4 that is some accomplishment…
    Love watch your videos…..well done and thanks for sharing your happiness…hugs

  35. Congratulations Sam, I read your blog everyday while having my breakfast.
    And when there is a video a go to those too.

    I have learned so much from you this past year.
    You deserve everything that is coming on your path.


  36. Alexis Smith says:

    Many congratulations to you and your team Sam! So well deserved! Your daily post at 7am is the first email I look at EVERY DAY! I wish I had a fraction of your confidence! Well done xxxxx

  37. Barbara B. says:

    Congratulations, Sam. You deserve each and every award you received & the trip to the Greek Isles is frosting on the cake. So happy for you.

  38. Wow, congratulations Sam, and congratulations to your team as well you. I have learned a lot from you so thank you. Love from Australia

  39. Wonderful Sam hearty congratulations from Australia. I voted for you on the website. Have learned so much from you and my craft always looks so professional because of your tutoring. Keep a copy of all your u tubes and refer to them a lot.

  40. Rachel Brooks says:

    Congratulations – so well earned and deserved!

  41. Congratulations to you and your team! You are my favorite demonstrator to watch on YouTube. I have made so many of your projects and am eternally grateful for all you do for us. Thanks for all you do

  42. Nannie Annie says:

    Congratulations Sam. Well deserved. Thank you for all you do.

  43. Congratulations Sam. You are awesome and you have an awesome team as well. Well done to you all xx

  44. Mary Alice Bellis says:

    You work hard, and present a wonderful blog which I have followed for years. It’s no wonder you have achieved so much. Congratulations.

  45. A very big Congratulations to you and your team from Williamsburg Virginia USA. I look forward everyday to learning something new from you… Thank you!

  46. Gail orsted says:

    Sam, congratulations. I am so glad to have met you in Wales last year. I follow you every day. Hurray for you.

  47. Winifred Kennedy says:

    Congratulations Sam, well deserved. You explain everything so well. Keep up the good work.

  48. Congratulations Sam! I am a relative newbie to your blog and YouTube channel but I can say with all honesty that I was not surprised to see you had earned top spots in all categories. You’re really, really great at what you do and are inspiring people all over the world. Including me! If I lived in the UK I would SO be joining your team. But… since I’m across the pond in Maryland… I’m looking for a great demonstrator near me. So happy for you – keep up the awesome work!

  49. Leslie Markland says:

    Congrats Sam. It does not surprise me that you are #4 out of 50,000 demonstrators. Wish I were in the UK to be able to order from you. At least I can learn from your videos.

  50. Well done Sam. You are so generous with your time and gifting, it really is a joy to see you getting the recognition you deserve.

  51. HUGE congratulations Sam!! I was attending OnStage in SLC, UT and screamed loudly when your name was called for the Top 100 globally. I have been a long-time fan, and your generosity in sharing your creative talent and wonderful projects is just amazing. I was SO excited for you, that your hard work is paying off in spades. Well done for ALL of your achievements – and here’s to continued success in the upcoming year!!

  52. CONGRATULATIONS, Sam. Job well done.

  53. Congratulations Sam! You really deserve it!

  54. Congratulations Sam! What wonderful honors for all your hard work. If I were in the right country for it, I’d for sure be ordering from you. You do an amazing job!

  55. You deserve it because you work so hard and you so generously share your talents and creativity on You Tube and your blog. You deserve it all, because so many US demonstrators would charge for that information!

  56. Christine Wood says:

    Congratulations Sam on a great achievement, you’re amazing and so talented, and you have a great team. You work very hard. Well done, very best wishes. Chris

  57. Congratulations from the USA. Job well done!!!

  58. Donna Betts says:

    I’m so happy for you. I live in the US so I can’t purchase from you, but feel I know you from your videos. I am again so pleased for you.

  59. Cheryl McAskill says:

    Oh Sam! So Proud! Congrats to you and ALL your team! Thanks for sharing all the great news! So good to hear of two others Caroline and Linda! I follow them too! A big Congrats to ALL! Have fun in Greece!

  60. Hi Sam,

    A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to YOU! I am in Australia and I “found” you initially on Pinterest, which led me to your You Tube video tutorials then your blog which I now am subscribed to! I LOVE what you do and I could watch your tutorials non stop! I think you are AMAZING and it’s no surprise to me to hear of all your achievements – WELL DONE YOU! I think you are just BRILLIANT. Much love and continued success from me to you xxxx

  61. I was so delighted for you on Saturday, it was no surprise though! Although not on your SU team I had the honour of being in your SHD team and you never cease to amaze me. It’s no surprise your team are up there with you as the time and love you out into people is amazing! Really HUGE congratulations to you!

    Love Gillian

  62. Sam – so excited for you!!!

  63. Nylin Tennessee says:


  64. Corynne Bailey says:

    I am soooo happy to hear of your accomplishments. I have followed you for over a year and I love how you approach your work and your passion for paper. As a fellow crafter and paper engineer I say CONGRATULATIONS. Looking forward to 2018

  65. Sharon Bukowski says:

    So happy for you Sam! I was whooping it up for you in Salt Lake!

  66. Denise Ferguson says:

    Congratulations on you and your team members’ achievements! Wow, what a great day!

  67. Congratulations!! So happy for you on your fabulous achievements!!

  68. Vickie Sanders says:

    Congratulations Sam. You work hard & deserve this recognition. Enjoy both Alaska & Greek Isle trip. I hope to get to meet you in Orlando next November. God bless you.

  69. Congratulations Sam you really deserve it ,and your team ,you are a wonderful person ,And iam glad l’ve got to know you ,well done

  70. Marthea from Western Australia says:

    Congratulations Sam
    You deserve it all. You are so generous with you time, your gifts and your passions.
    You freely share your talents with those of us not in your SU region. Me I am a demo from Australia, but have a much treasured thank you card from you when I ‘bought’ from when I was on holidays in the UK.

    I think you should be No 1..

  71. Marthea from Western Australia says:

    I have followed you pretty much since you started your blog and I follow Caroline too.

  72. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS, Sam, to you and to your team members! I am so happy for you! I love your blog and enjoy following it and making your projects and giving them as gifts to my family, friends, and my students! You are an inspiration! Enjoy Alaska! It is gorgeous and memorable! Enjoy the Greek Islands; I expect it will be warm and luxurious! So happy for your successes and thank you for continuing to share your talents with us!

  73. Cindy Bailey says:

    Congrats Sam!! That is so cool. It is such a pleasure to follow your blog. Thanks from South Carolina, USA.

  74. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is an amazing achievement in such a short time. I am from the USA and enjoy your tutorials EVERYDAY! So glad I found you! It is refreshing to see other projects from card stock other then cards, you are so talented and creative. Wishing you luck as you continue with Stampin Up.

  75. Congratulations Sam, and fellow Pootlers, it’s lovely to see your efforts being recognised (insert clapping hands and huge smiles here).
    I love following your blog, and also that of (fellow Yorkshire lass) Amanda.
    Best wishes, Joan x

  76. Belinda Litsch says:

    Bravo! you deserve every single bit of it. You are not just a talented woman, you are Phenomenal. Thank you for everything you shared with us.

  77. Soooo delighted for you, Sam! And so happy also for Caroline and Linda, who have also both inspired me since I first came across SU sometime in March 2016 (I think!). Pootlers is a great team and I’m thrilled to be part of it XX

  78. Brenda Baar says:

    You have a huge fan base in the US and we also whooped and hollered when your name was called. Very deserving!

  79. Congratulations Sam. You deserve each and every one of those rewards. Cheers!

  80. Sam, so very happy to hear the announcement for you and your team. So well deserved. I follow you & Caroline as you so much inspire me – i will have to begin to follow Sophie too! Congrats! and thank you for all you do.

  81. Diana Wood says:

    Congratulations Sam! So happy for you and your team!! You deserve to be #1. You are amazing in what you do. And it’s not even just your talents that everyone loves, but it’s YOU. Your beautiful personality shines through the videos. They make us laugh and want to just hang out with you. Thank you for sharing your talents, your love and your friendship with all of us who love you back. Enjoy your trip and your flight on Cloud 9!

  82. Congratulations Sam! Well done!!! 🙂

  83. A bit late…..but my congratulations toooo Sam for you and your team who were getting to walk the stage toooo with you.

  84. Lynne Ernst says:

    So excited for you!!! Was cheering when your name was announced in Salt Lake City!!!

  85. Congratulations!! This is no surprise to me! I don’t know how long I have been following your post. Your work is Fabulous, and so inspiring!!

  86. Hello, Sam, and Hearty Congratulations from “across the pond” in the U.S. I so enjoy your blog and You Tube posts. You are a most generous and creative demonstrator! Plus you seem like a truly lovely person. Wishing you continued success. – Ellie

  87. Congratulations Sam – and thank you! You are so generous with your posts and help all of the Stampin Up world – not just your own team. Thank you so much. You deserve the accolades – well done!

  88. Oh Wow! Congratulations Sam. That is such wonderful news. Well done. I’m a demo from Australia and have been following you since I joined 14months ago. Always love your projects. You obviously work very hard and your rewards are very well deserved. So happy for you. Xx

  89. Congratulations!!!!

  90. I couldn’t be more proud 🙂 You are simply amazing! Well done darling, here’s to another amazing year!

  91. Lin Willcocks says:

    So well deserved. Congratulations. You are an inspiration to us all. I know i can never wait to see what you come up with next. Well done Sam!!

  92. Well done my darling xx

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