Happy Saturday evening everyone!
As I type this, I’m currently sat in a hotel room with a small mobile phone and my blog app open. Currently crossing my fingers that this blog post works and links properly…

Scary this mobile tech stuff, but despite me being away, I wanted to let you know that I’ve just received news of the Grand Finale for our week long Online Extravaganza….

So all week we have had a whole host of products discounted and we knew there was something else coming on Monday. But nobody knew what it was.

I can share that for the first time ever, we have got Free Shipping on ANY orders all day Monday.

I know my visual shows Shop Now, but its the only one I could extract on my phone!! But it’s Monday and yes, all 5 EU countries are included!


That’s Winter products, main catalogue goodies, new Blends, clearance rack, anything and everything.

You do not know how excited I am!!!!

Love free shipping!

So I shall sign off, and hope to see you back here monday!

S xx


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  1. We got it!! Your phone worked very well!!

  2. Lynda Arnall says:

    Thank you Sam.
    Much appreciated. Lynda

  3. Isobel Sykes says:

    Thanks Sam

  4. Sam, new to this but thank you for the info, nothing better than free shipping I’ll tell you. K.C. from Canada

  5. Yes got it to Xx

  6. Thanks Sam great news .

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