Facebook Live Joining Stampin’ Up! and Being a Demo!

Stampin’ Up! #1 Demonstrator Pootles – Facebook Live Joining Stampin’ Up! and Being a Demo!

Happy Monday everyone. Again….!

So today it seems that I have mastered a bit of technology! I did an unplanned Facebook Live onto my Business Page at 11am this morning and just about now worked out how to download that broadcast and get it onto YouTube!

Firstly though, I know that I managed to mess up the colouring part of today’s video, sadly I was filming quite late on Friday and had a very small window of opportunity and just had to run with it. I will however film that portion again sometime this week hopefully, and get it loaded up onto here. I don’t ever plan to be perfect, but I don’t plan to make such an epic blooper, so I do apologise, and I know that a lot of you were unhappy that small bit got missed. I’m sorry.

However, hopefully a chatter with me on my business page made up for it, and anyone who’s a member of my Pootles Craft Forum will know that I did a Live Broadcast in there too, just a general chat, but a quick look around my craft forum too. So while I did mess up some colouring, I hopefully made up for it!

However this blog post is to share the Live that I did where I talked about being a demonstrator, and I have tried to answer all the questions that came in while I was live.

Have a super Monday evening, wherever you are.

S x

Joining Stampin’ Up!

Click here for the Pootles Craft Forum General Chat


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Sam Hammond Donald

#1 Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

You can buy Stampin’ Up! online easily through my Stampin’ Up! shop link on the right hand side, or within this blog post.

You can also join Stampin’ Up! through similar links too! I have various FAQ and joining Stampin’ Up! pages on the blog, so do click around!  

I cover the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria with my shop, but also my team too, so you can join me in those countries also!

And of course, you can find me on facebook, instagram, pinterest and on YouTube as a Guru with my account name as PootlesPapercraft, however, I’m scattered everywhere as Pootles!


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  1. Brilliant

  2. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Loved listening to you Sam. It’s so nice to know that your team are not competitive and that they help each other. That’s the way it should be. Everyone wants to be successful and no one should feel that they are better than someone else. 🙂

  3. NELLY BOUTIN says:

    Hello Sam,
    Thank you for this very instructive video, I feel like I want to join your team…!!!
    You are such a generous person, I see life the way you do….. <3
    I'm so glad to see that some persons steel believe in sharing, I'm always making little craft gifts to my scrap-friends….. <3
    I really enjoy watching your videos, it gives me inspiration.
    I'm a big big fan… 🙂

  4. Finally I could see the video . . . me, too, I am very strict with my schedules — ho!ho!ho! . . . a very instructive video and we know a little more about you. Thanks!

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