Bespoke Packaging Design

Pootles Stampin Up UK 2x2x2 Cube Fold Flat Favour Box

I am delighted that you’re interested in a bespoke box design, and am pleased that you have come to me to design it for you.

My designs are unique to me;  my boxes and creations are tailor made exclusively to your requirements.

I don’t supply hard copy templates unless requested, but find that the medium of video tutorial is a better way to show and teach you how to make your own boxes. You will receive a link to a private video tutorial, which will be made public 2 calendar months later. This video will also have a credited link to you as the requester of the box, thus giving you online traffic.


£10 refundable against orders of cardstock/tool/supplies over £50

If you would like a bespoke design, please complete the form below.



At this time, I can only design for you if you are in one of the following 5 locations – UK, France, Germany, Holland, Austria. However, if you are outside of these locations, I am happy to direct you to someone in your own country who may be able to help you.

Mass Produced Boxes

I do not make boxes in bulk and sell the finished article. I design boxes and leave you the creativity to make your own in the quantities and colours that you require using my designs and measurements. This is a more cost effective method of packaging for you.

Other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators

Please contact me directly if you wish to make use of my bespoke designs or require a bespoke design


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