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Okay, so you have had thoughts of being a demo, but you’re not sure what it means.

I’m asked quite frequently what ‘being a demonstrator’ actually means, and really, there’s no one single answer.

So I thought I’d tell you a little about what I do each week as a demonstrator…

I definitely get to do a lot of crafting. Of course, with 7 projects a week, 365 a year, that’s lots of cards and boxes and bags to make, so it’s a very important part of my day that’s set aside to indulge in crafting.

Mostly I have 5 or 6 ‘sessions’ at my craft desk each week. Sometimes it’s in daylight hours, sometimes it’s when the children have gone to bed and Chris is on nights. I have been known to grab a notebook and do a quick sketch when I’ve turned up a little early to pick up the boys from school!!

I have ideas bubbling in my head a lot of the time, so I always have my notebook to hand, and my phone so I can snap pictures of things that I see (yes, I’ve also taken photos in supermarkets of chocolate boxes….)

Crafting the prototype and basics of a project is the first step for me. I will get through quite a few scrapper sheets of card in an evening when I’m on a make-it-design-it mission. But once that’s done, I get the pleasure of rummaging through my papers and stamps to decide on the final outcome of the sample you’d see in a video.

The filming is actually quite a short process, particularly as I don’t edit, but I like to film a handful of tutorials in one go, and that means that when I know I have a filming day coming up, the evening before, I set up an extra table in my office and lay out all the projects I want to film, then have another lovely time choosing the papers etc that I’ll use on those!

Fortunately I enjoy taking photos, so once the projects have been filmed and are on their way to youtube, I snap the shots and load those up. Again, it’s a short process for me as like the videoing, I don’t edit. Mostly that’s because I’ve never learned how to, and now don’t have time to. But I’m a very ‘real’ person and I like you to see what I can see!

So a large proportion of my working week is essentially playing with card, ink and stamps! What a lucky demo I am!

However, I get the utmost pleasure when my phone rings and someone is wanting to place an order over the phone. I have lots of ladies who do this, and they know just how much I enjoy our chats, often it’s me that keeps them on the phone as we talk all things crafty!

The other part of ‘me’ as a demo is the Upline demo. I have a big team, almost 10% of the UK is in my direct team and I mix in talking with them on one to ones with crafting. They do know that I sometimes sit and chop cardstock while I’m on the phone, particularly when it comes to the end of the month and I’m making gifts for customers. You’d be amazed how easy it is to cut and score 120 cards without noticing what you’re doing!!!

And of course, having an international team with Demonstrators in Germany, Holland and France, I get a fully European line up in my daily life!

And then there’s you guys. I get to share my creations here with you. I read my emails all day every day and answer questions and have chats. I get to indulge in a love of crafting and in this modern age, I get to share it everywhere.

I can’t imagine not being part of Stampin’ Up! and although it’s been only a little over 2 years since I made the step and joined, I have had the thrill of a lifetime working at what was once a hobby, is still a hobby, but is now one that pays me an income that has also changed my life.

When I joined, it was to be a discount demo, getting products at a lower price. I still get that! I love having the best quality products around me and working with them every day, and love that they’re that little bit cheaper!

My team is made up of demos of all walks of life, and who want different things from their Stampin’ Up! journey and that’s what makes us unique. Each of us. The team is amazing and they all bond so well together.  When someone has an achievement, the whole team comes out in force to congratulate them. When they introduce someone to Stampin’ Up! you can almost feel the excitement through the computer (we have a busy facebook group!), and when someone new joins us, the whole team flood them with welcomes and well wishes.

I love my team. They’re amazing!

So do you want to be a demo too?  Want to be in my team? Want to share a love of papercrafting with other people and get some income too?

Every day is a great day to join, and now is as great a time as any when we now have 2 extra free stamp sets of your choice in your starter kit.  A great kit of £130 of products of your choice, AND 2 extra stamp sets.

Go for it!

S xx

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Sam xx


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Sam Donald

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