Kind & Cozy is Made with Love!

Pootles Stampin’ Up! UK Kind & Cosy is Made with Love! I really do have an eclectic style when it comes to making cards. Sometimes when I look at a stack that I’ve just made in an evening, or a pile I’ve got waiting to be photographed, I wonder how it is that there are often […]

Gorgeous Grunge Twisted Grid!

Stampin’ Up! UK Gorgeous Grunge Twisted Grid! Possibly the most difficult title I’ve ever come up with, but I used 3 stamp sets and twisted some ribbon, all while mixing in the various blue inks we have! But in essence, this card is all about texture. Totally different from my usual ‘simple’ style, but equally […]

Perfect Plum Christmas

Stampin’ Up! UK Perfect Plum Christmas Well, if you don’t know me very well yet, and are new to Pootles, I’m that girl who likes to buck the trend, and try something different. Whether that’s colours, styling, or something completely random right out of my head, I’m that girl. I have no shame in admitting […]