You’re Sublime Set of 3 x 3 Cards

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – You’re Sublime Set of 3 x 3 Cards When I bought this stamp set, I immediately thought of my 4 little boys. I think there are cards that are hard to make, and those are cards for boys who aren’t babies and aren’t yet men… and of course, the name, You’re […]

Single Layer Summer Silhouettes

Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator Pootles – Single Layer Summer Silhouettes I rarely do single layer stamping like this, but I wanted to pull out my blue inks and have a play. Using some of my older stamps, ones I have owned for a year or so now but don’t use, has been a bit of a mission […]

Petite Petals Pop of Colour

Stampin’ Up! UK Petite Petals Pop of Colour Something sweet, simple, and full of Pootles Power! *waits for tumbleweeds to stop rolling by….* Okay, so Pootles Power is a bit twee, but I do seem to have a ‘simple’ style to my cards, and I think this is kind of the epitome of that. One […]

Pootles’ 12 Deals of Christmas + Brights Week – Multi Coloured Punch Showcase

Stampin’ Up! UK Brights Week – Multi Coloured Punch Showcase   12 Deals of Christmas – details down at the bottom!!!   Hmm. Brights Week? What’s that? (I heard you back there…!) Brights Week is a self appointed week dedicated to showcasing our gorgeous Brights Collection of colours. We have ribbons, trims, buttons, bags, papers, […]

My Sons, I Love YOU More!

Stampin’ Up! UK My Sons, I Love YOU More!     Merry Christmas! There isn’t going to be a blog post tomorrow as by this time, I’ll probably be knee deep in wrapping paper, brioche and hopefully a glass of orange juice, but I wanted to share a little something I made for my 4 […]

Mini Retro Multicoloured Christmas Collectibles

Stampin’ Up! UK Retro Multicoloured Christmas Collectibles Oooo, anyone else remember those amazing Christmas baubles from the 70s? you know, the oval ones with the concave section, and they came in every colour under the sun! Not a single one was the same shape. They were oval, long, fat, skinny. Had bulbous ends, shaped like […]

Six Sided Sampler Showcase

Stampin’ Up! UK Six Sided Sampler Showcase Well, I have to say, this is one of my favourite Stamp Sets, but one I use more for the sentiments than for the shapes, so I was determined that I would use the images primarily. And then I changed my mind…. I opted actually just to use […]